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Conflict in Marriage

Jim Keller has been counseling couples for over 30 years. In this course, he will lead you through the myths and truths about conflict in a marriage.

The Conflict in Marriage course is made up of 16 total chapters:


  • The Conflict Myth
  • The Conflict Response

Benefits of Conflict (when done well)

  • Understanding Your Partner Better
  • Understanding Yourself Better
  • Growth in Maturity
  • Strengthened Relationship
  • Exposing Unaddressed Personal Issues

Boundaries for Conflict

  • Equal Time
  • No Absolutes
  • Opinions vs Facts
  • Only Two People at A Time
  • Only One Issue at A Time
  • Issues, Not Character
  • Win/Win, Not Win/Lose
  • Time Limits


  • Summary

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